Did you know your work insurance benefits cover your eye-care needs including eye exams and eye-glasses? But did you also know that at the end of a fiscal term, those benefits are wiped away for renewal for the new term?

That means you might be throwing away hundreds of dollars for your eye-care needs every year without knowing, letting it go to waste!

By using your vision benefits now, you’ll be saving a lot of time and money for yourself or your family, including your spouse and children. Remember, it’s a new year, and with that comes new benefits, so don’t wait until the end of the year to take advantage of it!

With 30 years of experience, we have worked with major insurance providers in Canada such as Sunlife, Manulife, Green Shield, Desjardins, just to name a few, and have helped thousands of customers to successfully put through benefit claims and receive reimbursement within a few business days.

It’s very simple!

  • Step 1: See if your insurance company is on our list. If not, no worries, we can still provide you with the paperwork!
  • Step 2: Swing by any of our 3 locations with insurance information on hand
  • Step 3: Have an eye-exam and/or pick out your favourite glasses
  • Step 4: We’ll take care of the rest!