Our Eye Care Mission

Saigon Optical was started 30 years ago by Sam and Dianna Pham, now licensed opticians who immigrated to Canada from Vietnam in 1981. Together, their passion for business strongly motivated them to start their own small, independent optical store in the heart of Toronto, Ontario. Initially the business was catered to a small downtown core community, but Sam and Dianna’s growing experience and passion in the field led them to pursue further ventures for their optical. With their knowledge in eyecare, they wanted to continue reaching out to more of the Toronto communities to help improve vision and positively impact quality of life.

And so, throughout the years, the once small single store has grown and expanded into three flourishing and modern locations throughout the Toronto and Greater Toronto Area, operating under the trade names Saigon Optical(2), and Eyelike Optical.

Our Mission

We are proud to have been given the opportunity serve the Toronto and Greater Toronto Area for the past 3 decades with quality and outstanding eyecare. Our vision has always been focused on excellent customer service. We prioritize our clients and patients first and foremost, ensuring a memorable experience from the minute they walk in the door, until they leave happy with their care and time with us. We believe that spending the time and effort in getting to know everyone beyond just their eyewear preferences makes our entire process of providing quality eyecare services a much more seamless and personalized experience.


At any of our 3 locations, you can expect to find high quality eyewear collections, ranging from well-known luxury designer brands, to trendy, exclusive and more contemporary styles (Click Here to take a peek at our eyewear lines!). With a wide selection to choose from catering to everyone’s different needs, together with our passion and experience in eyecare, we are confident you’ll find what you’re looking for.


We have always been known for our premium products at competitive, but very affordable prices. So come drop by and explore the many different options you have!