The legend of the "Non La"

New logo for a new decade!


As we’ve dropped on several of our social media channels, we’ve refreshed our logo. It’s been a long 30 years, from August 1989 ongoing. Thanks to you, we’re leading strong, three stores in.

— Time stops for no one, and our branding, as any other, has grown dated. What better timing to rebrand than our 30th anniversary?

So what is our logo?


It’s of course, glasses—  but there’s something behind it too. No, not a mountain…

This is a non la— the iconic hat commonly associated with Vietnam’s rice fields. As we’re a Vietnamese-Canadian, family run business, we thought we’d honour the past and contribute our mark both. Toronto, after all, is a city of cultures from all over.


So, a non la is behind the glasses, but there’s a legend behind the non la:


It’s said that once upon a time, a calamitous torrential downpour flooded rural agricultural Vietnam. Thus, a goddess descended from the heavens and wore a hat woven together from four large leaves and many more bamboo sticks to shelter the land and people from the rainfall. The bad weather faded away, and people returned to their every day lives, farming away once again… curious, no?

Well, irregardless of folk and folklore, we hope you’re into our new look. After all, we’re pretty into you!