Care it Forward!


Eyelike-Saigon Optical is excited to partner with Optometry Giving Sight in its mission, by bringing eye care beyond our business operations to those in need.

We would like to invite you to join our latest in-store charity campaign “Care it forward!” and take part in our Spring campaign to bring and improve vision to those who have limited access to quality eye care.


Our Spring’s charity campaign “Care it Forward!”


We created this charity campaign to continue our contribution to the provision of quality eyecare to underprivileged communities in North America, as well as around the world. We would like to take this opportunity to share the support and care we receive from our family, friends, and valued customers forward. With 3,000 masks, we hope to raise a $3,000 donation for Optometry Giving Sight as part of our Spring community mission.

Starting April 1, 2021, when you visit any of our three locations, we invite you to pick up one of our high-quality, hand-crafted, and 3-layered masks and donate $1.00. At the end of the campaign, May 31, 2021, we will make a donation to Optometry Giving Sight to give sight to someone in need. We will also announce in detail the total donation value we receive from our customers through the campaign.

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About Optometry Giving Sight


Established in 2003, Optometry Giving Sight is a creation of the World Council of Optometry, the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness, and the Brien Holden Vision Institute.

Its mission is to provide universal access to eye care services and solutions for those in need through funding for comprehensive, sustainable, and education-focused eyecare programs to deliver desperately needed vision care, train local eye care professionals, and establish vision centers and optometry schools in developing countries. Optometry Giving Sight established offices in the United States and Canada in 2007 and continues to operate with the vision of its three founders.

Some highlights of the impact of its work include:

  • Basic eye care services provided to 7.6 million people


  • 14,000 eye care professionals trained


  • 133 vision centers established


  • Over 40 countries served


About our hand-crafted masks


Our masks are manufactured with advanced technology, made of high-quality fabric, and designed with 3 layers of protection. They are durable, washable, and comply with safety standards. They are also well crafted with neatly embroidered details on the fabric that comes in many color choices to fit your taste.

As an essential service provider, Eyelike-Saigon Optical always prompts into action to comply with any updates in safety measures regulated by Ontario Public Health. We also ensure that all our staff and customers are accommodated in store to follow those regulations. With full support from our friends in production & manufacturing, we were able to quickly put together a big number of high-quality masks and provide them to all our staff and customers who visit the stores.

We had our needs met with care and support. Now, we wish to share that forward to the communities in need. 

Again, we invite you to participate in our contribution to making quality eye care accessible to everyone. Let’s start Spring and Summer 2021 by celebrating the fact that we have made it through a tough year, and giving a little back to those in need.