30 Years of

Optical Excellence

A Premier Optical Boutique.

We serve the Toronto and Greater Toronto Area providing high quality luxury eyewear, professional services and on-site comprehensive eye care.

Exclusive and Luxury Eyewear Collections

From classic and timeless looks, to more modern and contemporary styles. Handcrafted with the utmost quality and care.

Comprehensive Eyecare

On-site eye doctors providing comprehensive eye exams, vision testing, eye emergencies, prescriptions, and contact lenses.

Who We Are

Vietnamese-Canadian based, Eyelike + Saigon Optical have served the Greater Toronto Area through 30 years of excellence in professional eyecare and designer glasses retailing. From classic, timeless looks, to more modern and contemporary styles for both men and women, every frame we’ve got has been crafted with quality and care— the standard of luxury, with brands such as Cartier, Gucci, Saint Laurent and Balenciagia just to name a few.

Drop in at any one of our 3 locations and see first hand our unmatched care and service from our qualified Optometrists and Opticians. Comprehensive eyecare, vision testing, eye exams, prescriptions, contact lenses— whether you’re downtown, uptown, or even out of town, we’ll put all our care in making sure everyone, no matter their age or background, is attended to. It’s our pride and joy of 30 years, after all.


Premium eyeglasses and sunglasses, high quality contact lenses and a personalized experience.


Comprehensive eye exams including eye health & eye emergencies, vision testing, prescriptions, and contact lenses.